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Yes! Historically, many cultures and countries wore kilts. Or at least clothing that resembled kilts. Even tartans were not limited to Scotland. Of course, what we call a kilt today is primarily associated with Scotland and Ireland. But anybody and everybody can wear a kilt.

Actually, not anymore. Historically, kilts were a man's garment, but when women started participating in pipe bands and highland dancing then it became pretty normal for anyone to wear it.

A traditional kilt length goes to the top of the knee cap. If you prefer a mini kilt or a longer kilted skirt I can do that for you as well.

There are many possible tartans to choose from. It can be a family or clan tartan. If you don't have a clan or don't have or don't know your Scottish ancestry you can wear someone else's clan tartan. It's not a big deal. Or you can choose a universal, district, county, state, or country tartan. The great thing is, there are hundreds of choices available. You'll certainly find more tartans you like than you'll know what to do with. If you find the choices too overwhelming, I’m happy to help you through the process.

Sure! Custom tartans are spectacular for special events like a wedding, or creating your own unique identity. If you've designed a tartan or want to have help designing one I can be of assistance. I can be your go-between in working with the mill to get it just the way you want it.

Please keep in mind that getting a custom tartan designed and woven can take a great deal of time, so something like this cannot be rushed. Please plan ahead.

You can wear whatever you want!

Oh, are you asking about me? Well, that's a silly question.

A traditional kilt is usually made of 8 yards of wool fabric. This can be tartan or solid color. It's pleated in the back in a variety of ways. Knife pleat is the most common, but I can make your kilt however you want it made. Other pleat options are military box or traditional box. I'll give you the option to pleat to the sett, stripe, or block. This can also depend on the tartan and what looks best. The pleats are shaped at the top to fit your figure so it fits comfortably and hangs right to give it the proper look and sway of a kilt. The kilt aprons are fastened with leather straps and metal buckles. I'll work with you to choose the tartan, straps, buckles, pleat style, etc.

Canvas, inside kilt structure
Stabilizing ribbon, inside kilt structure

Inside the kilt I use stabilizing ribbon and full hard canvas to give the kilt structure and support. Finally, the inside is finished off with a cotton lining. This too can be customized to your taste.

My kilts are fully hand sewn, with one exception: sewing on the waistband. This allows for better shaping of the pleats to fit your figure and keeps the stitches totally invisible with no errors in stripe alignment.

Send me an email from the contact page. I'll work with you to schedule a time to either meet in person or have a video conference call so I can get your measurements and discuss tartan options.

I charge $500 for my labor for a traditional knife pleat kilt plus the cost of the tartan (including shipping). I have wholesale accounts with the major mills in the UK, so you'll be paying my reduced wholesale cost for very high quality fabric. All other materials, bits and bobs, etc. that go into making the kilt are no additional cost. So average total cost would be around $700 (depending on cost of the tartan). Keep in mind, this is a bespoke, traditionally made, heirloom-quality kilt that can be altered if needed.

Kilt, hanger, & flashes

As part of the standard kilt package you'll get a set of matching flashes made from the off-cuts of your tartan. And since I want you to take good care of your kilt, you'll get a sturdy kilt hanger.

Pricing for alterations, cleaning, and pressing depends on how much work is involved and will be quoted before I start.

If you have any questions those are all free!

Seriously. If you currently have a kilt that you are thinking of altering yourself PLEASE talk to me before doing anything that can't be undone.

Sorry, no. Try doing a better job planning for your wedding. (LOL, nobody has actually asked this. I just thought it would be funny if someone did.)

All joking aside, currently kiltmaking is just my part-time business. It will take about a week to receive your tartan shipment from the UK. And depending on my personal schedule it might take about a month to sew. I also work on only one kilt at a time. So if I have a backlog of kilts it might take some time before I can start on it. But this means that when I'm working on your kilt, you and your kilt have my full attention until it's complete.

When we have our initial measurement appointment I can give you an idea of what the time to completion is looking like and how many kilts are in line ahead of you.