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Handmade, traditional kilts look stunning and last a lifetime, and even longer! Contact me if you’re interested in learning more about how you can have a kilt made just for you.

  • Pipers/Drummers
  • Dancers
  • Athletes
  • Formal
  • Semi-formal or casual wear
  • Kilts are great for any occasion!

I learned kiltmaking under the expert guidance of Nikki Laird and Amanda Moffet of The Kiltmakery/ScotClans in Edinburgh, Scotland, and now offer bespoke kiltmaking in Oregon, USA.

Other Services

  • Pipers and drummers plaids
  • Great kilt (belted plaid) & Earasaid
  • Women’s kilted skirts (machine sewn)
  • Children’s kilts and wee kilties (machine sewn)
  • Alternate pleat styles: military box, traditional box, or Kingussie
  • Personalized help picking a tartan
  • Alterations
  • Cleaning and pressing
  • Highlandwear and accessories are also available, with consultation:
  • Discounts available on some items for kilt clients!

About me

I have fun participating in highland games heavy athletics. Even though my throwing game needs a lot of improvement, I can help you have a winning kilt game. I would never want to make another kilt wearer feel bad about the kilt they have, so I’ll speak from my own experience. The kilts that I’ve bought and worn to highland games events have been cheaply made, ill fitting, and not very good looking. Most kilts found and sold in the USA are not what I would call a proper kilt.

I think it’s great that kilts are catching on in the US and not just for special events. However, with the increase of cheaply made kilts comes a lowering of standards for the look and quality of a proper kilt. I’m concerned that an increase in poor looking and poorly fitting kilts will decrease the interest in wearing the kilt. It’s my goal to help improve the availability of properly made, traditional, great looking and fitting kilts that every kilt wearer can be proud to wear.

Check out the FAQ page for more information.